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The talent of Dcon 2023

Dragoncon 09.2023

The ask

Attempt to take a weekend off for once and showcase a wide variety of talented cosplayers to demonstrate the inclusiveness of Dragoncon.

The deliverables

Long story short, I also cosplayed (you can see my Expanse belter costume below) and the logistics of running around with a camera while having limited mobility and shoes that fit poorly wasn’t exactly a thrilling physical experience. That said, I was able to catch a tiny sliver of the 60k+ attendants present at Dcon this year.


  • Belter | The Expanse (@pronounce_hsu)
  • Drummer | The Expanse
  • Amos | The Expanse
  • Bowser (Jack Black MV) | Super Mario Bros Movie
  • Kiki & Tombo | Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Landlady | Kung Fu Hustle (@geekykokopuff)
  • Old Greg | The Mighty Boosh (@gawdzillajr)
  • Ken | Barbie + Street Fighter Mashup
  • Weird Barbie | Barbie (@mackenzie.cosplay)
  • Padme | Star Wars (@jedivariantcosplay)
  • Trinity | The Matrix
  • Darth Marilyn | OG Mashup Concept (@asta.darling)
  • Tank Girl (@rivermistfae)
  • Poison Ivy | DC Comics
  • Oppenheimer
  • Nuka Cola Girl | Fallout
  • Pam | Archer
  • Ted Lasso (@natebrosy)
  • Scully | X-Files
  • Yubaba | Spirited Away
  • Sophie | Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Mark Watney | The Martian
  • Luke | Star Wars
  • Aloy | Horizon (@nerdsgonemildcosplay)

NOTE: If there’s no insta handle here, that means I’m either actively looking for their contacts or they chose to leave it out for privacy.

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